Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white gold, 14kt Princess .66tcw Cut White Sapphire(diamond-like)Earrings



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They yellow goldhail yellow goldfrom yellow goldSri yellow goldLanka yellow gold(Ceylon) yellow goldand yellow goldare yellow goldabsolutely yellow goldlovely yellow goldin yellow goldbrilliance.Genuine yellow goldSapphires.Color yellow goldDClarity yellow goldVVS/IFEach yellow gold4x4mm= yellow gold.33ct yellow goldsapphire yellow goldwill yellow goldbe yellow goldset yellow goldin yellow gold14kt yellow goldyellow, yellow goldwhite yellow goldor yellow goldrose yellow goldgold yellow goldand yellow goldare yellow goldset yellow goldin yellow golda yellow goldSCREW yellow goldBACK yellow goldsetting.Hardness yellow goldof yellow gold9.Diamonds yellow goldare yellow golda yellow gold10.Awesome yellow goldand yellow gold yellow goldvery yellow goldvery yellow golddiamond yellow goldlike!Layaway yellow goldavailable

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