Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

emeralds, White Sapphire and Emerald Ring



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Wonderful gold7mm=1.35ct goldWhite goldSapphire, goldset goldin golda gold6 goldprong, goldsterling goldsilver goldsetting.This goldring goldcan goldhave goldeither goldemeralds, goldrubies, goldsapphires goldor goldwhite goldsapphires goldfor goldaccentsThere goldare gold10 goldtotal goldaccents.Center goldSapphire goldis goldgenuine, goldheat goldonly, goldhence goldthe goldclarity.Color goldDClarity goldVVS/IFOrigin: goldSri goldLankaCan goldbe goldreset goldin goldyellow goldgold, goldwhite goldgold goldor goldrose goldgold goldat goldthe goldmarket goldprice.Could goldalso goldbe goldused goldas golda goldwedding goldring goldor goldengagement goldring.Layaway goldavailableNo goldfeesNo golddeadlinesYour goldterms

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