Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hammered, Handmade Silver Fan Hair Ornament or Shawl Pin



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This polishedsterling polishedsilver polishedhair polishedornament polishedhas polisheda polishedtexture polishedfan polishedtop polishedwith polisheda polishedhammered polishedlook polishedto polishedthe polisheddouble polishedprong polishedbottom. polishedIt polishedis polishedvery polishedeasy polishedto polisheduse, polishedsimply polishedplace polishedthe polishedpiece polishedthrough polishedyour polishedbun, polishedmessy polishedor polishedneat, polishedat polisheda polishedslight polishedangle polishedand polishedyour polishedready polishedto polishedgo. polishedIt polishedis polishedpossible polishedto polished"hold" polishedon polishedits polishedown, polishedjust polishednot polishedas polishedeasy. polishedAlso, polisheddon't polishedbe polishedafraid polishedto polishedget polishedcreative polishedand polisheduse polishedit polishedas polishedshawl polishedpin polishedor polishedscarf polisheddecoration.

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