Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pin, Lovely Enameled Floral Brooch with Rhinestone Accents



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The flower broochcolors flower broochin flower broochthis flower broochpin flower broochare flower broochso flower broochlovely! flower broochShades flower broochof flower broochaqua flower broochand flower broochgreen flower broochplay flower broochoff flower broochof flower broocheach flower broochother flower broochbeautifully flower broochand flower broochthe flower broochrhinestones flower broochadd flower broochjust flower broocha flower broochbit flower broochof flower broochsparkle. flower broochThis flower broochpiece flower broochis flower broochin flower broochexcellent flower broochcondition.\r\rPlease flower broochconvo flower broochme flower broochwith flower broochany flower broochquestions flower broochthat flower broochyou flower broochmay flower broochhave. flower broochThanks flower broochfor flower broochlooking!

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