Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

titanic, Stunning Antique Ostby Barton 10K Rosy Yellow Gold Seed Pearl Brooch Pin OB



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OWN yellowA yellowSTUNNING, yellowHAPPY yellowLITTLE yellowPIECE yellowOF yellowHISTORY!HERE yellowIS yellowAN yellowAMAZING yellowSOLID yellow10K yellowETCHED yellowGOLD yellowBROOCH yellowPIN yellowBY yellowOSTBY yellow& yellowBARTON!Pendant yellowis yellowHallmarked yellowO10KB yellowfor yellowOstby yellow& yellowBarton. yellow yellowWeighs yellowa yellowrespectable yellow6 yellowgrams!A yellowrare, yellowolder yellowmark yellowfor yellowthe yellowcompany. yellow yellowIT yellowFEATURES yellowA yellowBEAUTIFUL yellowLARGE yellowSUNNY yellowYELLOW yellowPRONG yellowSET yellowGEM yellowAND yellowFLORAL yellowLIKE yellowSEED yellowPEARL yellowACCENTS. yellow yellowTHE yellowGEMSTONE yellowIS yellowFULLY yellowFACETED yellowAND yellowSUCH yellowA yellowSUNNY yellowCOLOR! yellow yellowTHIS yellowBEAUTY yellowIS yellowQUITE yellowAN yellowEYE yellowCATCHER! yellowPlease yellowcheck yellowout yellowthe yellowphotos yellowand yellowask yellowany yellowquestions yellowbefore yellowpurchase!Engalhart yellowCornelius yellowOstby yellowis yellowa yellowlegend yellowin yellowthe yellowjewelry yellowtrade. yellowHe yellowemigrated yellowfromOslo, yellowNorway yellowto yellowthe yellowUS yellowin yellow1869. yellowAfter yellowforming yellowhis yellowown yellowcompany yellowwith yellowhis yellowpartner, yellowNathan yellowBarton yellowin yellow1879, yellowthey yellowbecame yellowwell yellowknown yellowfor yellowtheir yellowhigh yellowquality yellowand yellowbeautifully yellowmade yellowjewelry. yellowMr. yellowOstby yellowlater yellowperished yellowwhen yellowthe yellowTitanic yellowsunk yellowin yellow1912. yellowHere yellowis yellowyour yellowchance yellowto yellowown yellowa yellowbeautiful yellowcollector's yellowpiece yellowby yellowOstby yellow& yellowBarton!This yellowshop yellowdoes yellownot yellowaccept yellowreturns yellowbe yellowsure yellowyou yellowwant yellowthis yellowitem.All yellowvintage yellow& yellowantique yellowjewelry yellowwill yellowhave yellowsome yellowage/wear yellowwhich yellowonly yellowadds yellowto yellowtheir yellowold yellowworld yellowcharm!!

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