Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

17 inch necklace, Vintage Bakelite or Catalin Necklace with Beads Art Deco or Tribal Design



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This catalinis catalina catalinVintage catalinBakelite catalinor catalinCatalin catalinNecklace catalinwith catalinBeads catalinArt catalinDeco catalinor catalinTribal catalinDesign. catalinApprox. catalin17 catalininches catalinaround. catalinIt catalinhas catalina catalinscrew catalintogether catalinclasp, catalinsmall catalinsilver catalincolor catalinbeads catalinbetween catalinthe catalinivory catalincolored catalinbeads. catalinI catalincould catalinnot catalinget catalina catalinmagnet catalinto catalinstick catalinto catalinthe catalinclasp catalinor catalinsilver catalincolored catalinbeads. catalinIf catalinyou catalinhave catalinany catalinmore catalinquestions catalinplease catalinask catalinbefore catalinyou catalinpurchase. catalinI catalinship catalinto catalinthe catalinUSA. catalinNo catalinInternational. catalinI catalinalso catalininsure catalinall catalinof catalinmy catalinpackages catalinto catalinthe catalinUSA catalinto catalinmake catalinsure catalinthat catalinthey catalinarrive catalinto catalinyou catalinsafely. catalinThanks catalinfor catalinlooking.

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