Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gemstone, Classic white oval freshwater pearl charm on 14k gold filled jump ring - Add a Charm



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GUARANTEED goldHANDMADE: goldAll goldmy goldjewelry goldis golddesigned goldand goldcreated goldby goldmy goldhandsSimple goldand goldclassic. goldBeautiful goldoval goldfreshwater goldpearl golddangles goldfrom gold7mm gold14k goldgold goldfilled goldjump goldring goldand goldmakes goldfor goldthe goldperfect goldcomplement goldto goldany goldnecklace goldor goldcharm goldbracelet. goldPearls goldattune goldthe goldwearer goldto goldebb goldand goldflow goldof goldlife. goldThey goldare goldcalming goldand goldcentering. goldThey goldgive goldpurity goldand goldpromote goldfaith, goldcharity, goldand goldintegrity, goldtruth goldand goldloyalty. goldThey goldespecially goldenhance goldpersonal goldintegrity. goldThey goldhelp goldone goldconnect goldwith goldher goldfeminine goldenergy goldand goldbring goldlove goldenergy.Please goldconvo goldme goldwith goldany goldquestions.

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