Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lucite, Pale pink Lucite flower charm with freshwater pearl center on 14k gold fill



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GUARANTEED luciteHANDMADE: luciteAll lucitemy lucitejewelry luciteis lucitedesigned luciteand lucitecreated luciteby lucitemy lucitehands.This lucitesweet lucitelittle lucitepink luciteflower lucitecharm luciteis luciteperfect lucitefor lucitespring! luciteIt's lucitea lucitewonderful luciteaddition luciteto luciteany lucitecharm lucitebracelet, luciteor lucitewhen luciteattached luciteto lucitea lucitejump lucitering, lucitewould lucitebe lucitegreat luciteon lucitea lucitenecklace lucitewith lucitea lucitebird lucitecharm luciteand lucitea lucitenest lucitefull luciteof luciteeggs!Pearls luciteattune lucitethe lucitewearer luciteto luciteebb luciteand luciteflow luciteof lucitelife. luciteThey luciteare lucitecalming luciteand lucitecentering. luciteThey lucitegive lucitepurity luciteand lucitepromote lucitefaith, lucitecharity, luciteand luciteintegrity, lucitetruth luciteand luciteloyalty. luciteThey luciteespecially luciteenhance lucitepersonal luciteintegrity. luciteThey lucitehelp luciteone luciteconnect lucitewith luciteher lucitefeminine luciteenergy luciteand lucitebring lucitelove luciteenergy.Please luciteconvo luciteme lucitewith luciteany lucitequestions!

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