Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cheetah, Leopard print black and white faceted round agate charm on 14k gold filled clasp - Add a Charm



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GUARANTEED facetedHANDMADE: facetedAll facetedmy facetedjewelry facetedis faceteddesigned facetedand facetedcreated facetedby facetedmy facetedhands.Wanna facetedadd faceteda facetedlittle faceted"wild" facetedto facetedyour facetedcharm facetedbracelet? facetedThis facetedsweet facetedlittle facetedanimal facetedprint facetedagate facetedbead facetedcharm facetedwill facetedcertainly faceteddo facetedthe facetedtrick! facetedAlso facetedavailable facetedin facetedsterling facetedsilver!Please facetedfeel facetedfree facetedto facetedconvo facetedme facetedwith facetedany facetedquestions!

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