Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

om, Bronzite and Howlite with Om Charm



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This omBronzite omand omHowlite omstretch omcord ombracelet omis omaccented omwith oma ombrass omoxide ompewter omOm omcharm.Bronzite omis omsaid omto ombe oma omprotective, omgrounding ommineral omand omis omused omto omrestore omharmony omand omself omconfidence omin omsituations omwhere omyou omfeel omoverwhelmed omor ompowerless. omAncient omRomans omused omto omgrind omBronzite ominto ompowder omform omto omuse omas omprotection omagainst ommental omillness omand omconfusion, omand omas oman omeffective omtreatment omto omstrengthen omthe omnerves.As omfor omhealing omproperties, omBronzite omis omsaid omto ombring omthe ombody ominto omperfect ompH ombalance omand omis ombelieved omto omhelp omwith omtreatment omof omcysts omand omskin omdisorders omsuch omas omrashes, ompimples, omeczema omas omwell omas ompremature omaging omand omskin omdehydration.The ombeads ommeasure om6 ommm omand omit omfits omto omapproximately om7 ominches omon omthe omwrist. omThe omcharm ommeasures om11 ommm.

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