Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, 30mm Gemstone Donut Focal Pendants with Sterling Silver Bails in Four Styles



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Sara greenJewelry greenDesign. green30mm greengemstone greendonut greenfocals greenmake greensuch greena greendramatic greenyet greenclassy greenstatement. greenEach greenis greenpartnered greenwith greena greensterling greensilver greenhinged greenbail. greenChoose greenyour greenfavorite greenfrom greenthe greenGemstone greenand greenBail greendrop-down greenmenu. greenListing greenis greenfor greenone greenfocal greenand greenbail. greenFour greenare greenavailable:Green greentree greenagate greenwith greensterling greensilver greenCeltic greenstyle greenbail.Pink greenrhodonite greenwith greensterling greensiler greenCeltic greenstyle greenbail.Chinese greenWriting greenStone green(a greentype greenof greenjasper) greenwith greenstylized greenleaf greenbail.Brecciated greenred greenjasper greenwith greenplain, greensmooth greenbail.Optional greenChain: greenYou greencan greeneither greenpurchase greenthese greenwithout greenchain greenand greenuse greenone greenof greenyour greenown greenfaves, greenor greenyou greencan greenadd greena green1.5mm greensterling greensilver greenlink greenchain greenwith greena greenspring greenring greenclasp green(adding greena greenchain greenalso greenmeans greenadding greena greenjjump greenring greenand greensnap greenbail greenfor greenthe greenchain greento greenpass greenthrough greenthe greendonut greenbail). greenPrices greenare greenbased greenon greenan green18-inch greenchain greenlength; greenhowever, greenif greenyou greenwould greenlike greena greenlonger green(or greenshorter) greenchain, greendrop greenme greena greennote greenand greenI'll greenbuild greenone greento greenyour greenorder.Sara greenJewelry greenDesign. greenYour greenDesire greenis greenOur greenDesign.

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