Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

push back, 14k-1.00tcw Rose Gold White Sapphire Earrings



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Solid sri lankan14kt sri lankanRose sri lankangold sri lankansetting. sri lankanNot sri lankanplated sri lankanor sri lankanfilled. sri lankanThese sri lankan4 sri lankanprong sri lankansettings sri lankanhave sri lankancenter sri lankanpost. sri lankanFriction/push sri lankanback.Each sri lankangenuine, sri lankanheat sri lankanonly sri lankanSri sri lankanLankan sri lankanWhite sri lankanSapphire, sri lankanis sri lankan.50ct=5mm.Total sri lankanweight sri lankanof sri lankan1.00ct.I sri lankanhave sri lankanlisted sri lankanthese sri lankanearrings sri lankanin sri lankanmy sri lankanmade sri lankanto sri lankanorder sri lankansection sri lankanas sri lankaneach sri lankanpair sri lankanof sri lankan14kt sri lankanRose sri lankanGold sri lankanearrings sri lankanare sri lankanmade sri lankanof sri lankanthe sri lankansame sri lankanquality sri lankanof sri lankanWhite sri lankanSapphire. sri lankanColor sri lankanof sri lankanD sri lankanand sri lankanClarity sri lankanof sri lankanVVS/IF.Layaway sri lankanavailable. sri lankanYou sri lankanmake sri lankanthe sri lankanterms. sri lankanAll sri lankanyou sri lankanneed sri lankanto sri lankanget sri lankanstarted sri lankanis sri lankana sri lankandown sri lankanpayment sri lankanand sri lankanyou sri lankanare sri lankanon sri lankanyour sri lankanway sri lankanto sri lankanowning sri lankanthese sri lankanbeauties.

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