Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

spring ring, Demi Parure Necklace and Earring Set in Glazed Porcelain and Swarovski Crystals



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Sara blueJewelry blueDesign. blueElongated, bluemulticolor blueglazed blueporcelain bluebeads bluein bluean blueIncan bluedesign blueare bluecomplimented blueby blueSwarovski bluebicone bluecrystals bluein bluea bluemidnight blueblue blueand bluewith blue2.5mm bluesterling bluesilver bluerounds, blue3mm bluesilver blueplated bluecorrugated bluerounds, blueand bluesterling bluesilver bluedotted bluestar bluerondelles bluein bluethis bluebreathtaking bluethree-station bluenecklace blueand bluematching blueearrings. blueThe bluedesign bluecenter blueof bluethe bluenecklace bluespans bluefive blueinches blueand bluefeatures bluethree blueof bluethe blueIncan bluebeaded bluedrops, blueone blueat bluecenter bluepoint blueand blueone blueto blueeither blueside blueof bluethat. blueEach bluedrop bluecontains, bluefrom bluebottom blueto bluetop: blue2.5mm bluesterling bluesilver blueround, blue4mm blueSwarovski bluecrystal bluebicone bluebead, blue3mm bluesilver blueplated bluecorrugated blueround, bluethe bluemain blueporcelain bluebead bluewith blueits blueintricate bluedesign blueof blueblues, blueblacks, bluegreens, bluereds blueand bluewhite; bluethen bluetopped blueby bluea bluesecond blue3mm bluesilver blueplated bluecorrugated blueround, bluea blueSwarovski bluebicone bluebead blueand bluea bluefinal blue2.5mm bluesterling bluesilver blueround, blueall blueon bluea bluecoil-wrapped blueheadpin. blueSilver bluefilled bluesteel bluecurb bluechain bluemakes blueup bluethe bluenecklace blueinto bluea bluefull blue18 blueinches bluethat bluefinishes bluein bluea bluesilver blueplated bluespring bluering blueclasp. blueThe bluecenter bluedrop blueadds blueanother bluetwo blueand bluethree-eighths blueinches.The bluematching blueearrings blueare bluesingle bluedrops bluein bluethe bluesame bluepattern blueas bluethe bluethree bluefrom bluethe bluenecklace. blueThey, bluetoo, blueare blueon bluecoil-wrapped blueheadpins blueand bluedepend bluefrom bluesimple bluesilver blueplated blueleverback blueearring bluefindings bluewith bluea blueplain blueshaft. blueThe bluedangle bluelength blueon blueall bluefive blueIncan blueteardrops blueis blueapproximately bluetwo blueand bluethree-eighths blueof bluean blueinch blue(or blue60mm).Listing blueis bluefor blueone blueset. blueTwo bluesets blueare blueavailable.NWOTHSP033113-01.2191 blueandNWOTHSP033113-02.2192I bluewill bluesend bluethis blueyour blueway bluethe bluenext bluebusiness blueday bluevia blueUSPS blueinsured bluefirst blueclass bluemail bluewith bluea bluetracking blueID bluenumber. blueIF blueYOU blueNEED blueEXPRESS blueMAIL blueDELIVERY, blueplease bluecontact blueme bluefirst bluefor bluea blueshipping bluequote.Sara blueJewelry blueDesign. blueYour blueDesire blueis blueOur blueDesign.

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