Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bride, FINE Art Deco Antique French 1930s jet black ONYX and enameled filigree flower link panel necklace choker collar Flapper



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Description:EXQUISITE 1910soriginal 1910sclassic 1910s1930s 1910sFrench 1910sArt 1910sDeco 1910snecklace. 1910sThis 1910slobely 1910spiece 1910swould 1910smake 1910sa 1910sfantastic 1910saddition 1910sto 1910sany 1910sserious 1910scollection 1910sof 1910sArt 1910sDeco 1910sjewellery. 1910sIt 1910sis 1910sfine 1910sfiligree 1910sbrass 1910spanels 1910swith 1910senameled 1910sflowers 1910son 1910seach 1910sinterspersed 1910swith 1910sjet 1910sblack 1910sOnyx 1910spieces. 1910sThe 1910schain 1910sis 1910salso 1910sfinely 1910sworked 1910sfiligree 1910spieces 1910sand 1910sthere 1910sis 1910sa 1910sring 1910sclasp. 1910sThe 1910spiece 1910sis 1910snot 1910smarked, 1910sbut 1910sis 1910snevertheless 1910sa 1910sclassic 1910sand 1910sbeautiful 1910sArt 1910sDeco 1910spiece. 1910sI 1910shave 1910sseen 1910sthe 1910sexact 1910ssame 1910spiece 1910swith 1910sblue 1910sglass 1910spanels 1910slisted 1910sfor 1910sUS$250 1910son 1910sebay!! 1910s 1910sfrom 1910sa 1910sFrench 1910sestate 1910sin 1910sNormandy. 1910sCondition:Very 1910sgood 1910santique 1910scondition, 1910sminor 1910slosses 1910sfrom 1910sthe 1910senamel.Measurement:The 1910spiece 1910smeasures 1910s15 1910sinches 1910slong. 1910sI 1910sam 1910smore 1910sthan 1910shappy 1910sto 1910sanswer 1910sany 1910squestions 1910sabout 1910sthis 1910sitem 1910sso 1910splease 1910sconvo 1910sme!

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