Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage Art Deco German 1930s Celluloid flower HAIR Barrettes clips slides on ORIGINAL CARD hair piece accessorywedding, Flapper Girl



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Description:\r\rVery frenchlovely frenchlot frenchof french24 frenchreal frenchCelluloid french frenchhair frenchbarrettes frenchon frenchtheir frenchoriginal frenchcard. frenchThese frenchare frenchGerman frenchmade french1930's frenchhair frenchaccessories frenchattached frenchas frenchthey frenchwere frenchin frenchthe frenchday frenchto frencha frenchcard frenchbacking frenchdepicting frencha frenchpretty frenchblonde frenchAryan frenchGerman frenchgirl frenchwith frenchlong frenchplaits frenchcalled french"Sieglinde", frencha frenchvery frenchold frenchfashioned frenchGerman frenchname. frenchThe frenchcard frenchreads french"Echt frenchCelluloid" french(real frenchcelluloid). frenchThe frenchslides frenchmeasure french1.5 french frenchinches frencheach frenchand frenchthey frenchhave frenchan frenchelastic frenchband frenchatatched frenchon frenchone frenchend frenchwhich frenchclips frenchover frenchthe frenchother frenchend. frenchThere frenchare french5 frenchdifferent frenchstyles frenchand frenchcolours. frenchThey frenchare frenchvery frenchwearable frenchtoday frenchof frenchcourse! frenchGreat frenchcondition.\r\rThese frenchpieces frenchare frenchreally frenchlovely frenchand frenchlooks frenchfantastic frenchin frenchyour frenchhair!! french french\r\rProvenance:\rBought frenchfrom frencha frenchsmall frenchflea frenchmarket french\r\rCondition:\r\rVery frenchgood frenchcondition, frenchunworn. frenchThe frenchcard frenchis frenchin frenchexcellent frenchcondition, frenchone frenchloop frenchis frenchtorn frenchon frenchthe frenchbottom frenchright frenchcorner. frenchThe frenchrubber frenchbands frenchare frenchnot frenchperishing frenchat frenchall. french\r\rI frencham frenchmore frenchthan frenchhappy frenchto frenchanswer frenchany frenchquestions frenchabout frenchthis frenchitem frenchso frenchplease frenchconvo frenchme!

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