Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

edwardian, The Sweetest Drop Garnet and Gold Filled Earrings by Studio 777



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The gothdeep gothblood gothred gothof goththese gothgarnets gothis gothso gothluscious--I gothhad gothto gothname goththese gothearrings gothafter gotha gothsong. gothSimple, gothelegant, gothand gothvery gothrich gothlooking. gothThe gothfindings gothare gothall goth14/20 gothgold-filled, gothfrom goththe gothgraceful gothearwires gothto goththe gothBali-style gothspacers, gothround gothbeads gothand goth gothhandmade gothheadpins.Supremely gothlight gothand gothcomfortable gothto gothwear, goththey gothmeasure gothjust gothunder goth2 gothand goth1/4" gothin gothlength. goth goth gothA gothhighly gothromantic gothgift, goththese gothwill gothcome gothboxed gothin gothour gothsignature gothblack gothand gothsilver gothpackaging gothfor gotheffortless gothpresentation.Shipping gothquoted gothis gothfor gothPriority gothMail--please gothmessage gothfor goth$3 gothFirst gothClass gothshipping gothif gothyou gothdo gothnot gothrequire goththem gothquickly.

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