My grandfather always treated me like I was the best person in the whole world. All of my memories involve him raising me up and placing me upon a pedestal. My grandmother will even tell you, he didn’t just love me – he worshipped me. We were a likely pair, fun-loving tricksters, partners in mischief. And whatever he did, I was sure to do as well.
He had this high-backed wicker chair that was his and his alone. No one was allowed to sit in that chair. But on several occasions, he made an exception for me. My great-uncle Angelo made home-made strawberry wine and when we’d visit, the grown-ups would each have a taste of the latest batch. With the others shaking their heads, my grandfather would pour a few drops in a bottle cap and give me a taste, too. He shared everything he could share with me, including an incredibly unlikely pairing- banana and mayonnaise.
I still eat banana and mayo sandwiches sometimes. It isn’t my favorite snack, but it’s something special for me. That unlikely pairing which so many people, including my husband, have found so gross and disturbing is like a doorway to a memory for me. If I close my eyes while eating a banana and mayo sandwich, I can pretend he’s still here, sharing one of his favorite snacks with me.
Prompt “Unlikely Pairing” provided by The Daily Post.

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