Each week, her lovely highness @siobhanmuir hosts a challenge on her blog. The challenge is to take one line from last week’s winning tale and tie it into a tale of your own.

#ThursThreads Week 86 prompt:

“So you will resist.”

Last week’s winning story was written by @drmagoo. Check out his blog, Project Gemini.

Now, for my entry, if you prefer to read it here.

What Really Matters

250 Words

Mya’s red rimmed, crystal blue eyes were no longer spilling tears. Quietly, she said, “So you will resist. Even now, after all this time.” She looked at Sam, and nodded. “Okay.”

Those were the last words Mya had said to her before she jerked her keys and purse off the hall table, and walked out of Sam’s apartment, not even bothering to slam the door. The soft click of the latch sliding into place a full moment after Mya left was somehow worse. Where a loud exit usually started a fight, this quiet departure signaled finality.

Sam understood Mya’s frustration. They had been lovers for three years now, and Sam still wasn’t ready to come out. She felt sure her parents would hate her, she could just see her mother’s tear stained face. “But I want grand babies,” Sam knew her mother would wail. As if being a lesbian would automatically mean she’d never have kids.

What would her friends say? No one knew except Mya. Oh, God. What if Mya told someone? Sam’s cool, amber gaze regarded her haggard reflection in the hall mirror. She flinched as if she’d been slapped.

Wait a second. I just lost the first person I’ve ever truly loved because I’m worried what people will think of me? What difference does it make if I’m going to be miserable anyway? To hell with that.

Sam grabbed her own keys, and ran out the door, hoping to catch Mya before she left the parking lot.


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