The Widow's Son: A Whiskey & Wheelguns Serial Adventure (The Ballad of Zarahemla Two Crows Book 1)The Widow’s Son: A Whiskey & Wheelguns Serial Adventure by R.A. Williamson

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Scrapping with skinwalkers nearly sends Zarahemla Two Crows to meet his maker, and would have done if it hadn’t been for the tenacity of a woman bent on recovering that which is most precious to her. In the tussle, Two Crows learns all is not as it seems, and the lines between right and wrong vanish into the dusk. A man on a mission, Zarahemla doggedly continues in his quest, consequences be damned. A baby’s been kidnapped and he is the only one who can save him. Or so he believes. With some help from an old, ah, friend, Two Crows learns that the foe he faces is one he knows well, someone even he would be hard pressed to find, much less overwhelm. With the odds stacked against him, Two Crows sets out to get the kid back, but an unexpected guest might just call a halt to the party before it even begins.

R.A. Williamson puts Zarahemla Two Crows through the ringer, and he just keeps coming back for more. The Widow’s Son follows the adventurous life and times of a late 1860’s government official, though one who’s a bit more on the unofficial side of the law. His characters are well drawn and brought to life with striking personalities. Two Crows’ wry wit and dark humor sneaks up in the most unexpected places, much to my delight. If you like living life on the dark edge of a sharp, gritty blade, Zarahemla Two Crows #1: The Widow’s Son ought to be right up your alley.

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