No change. Your email address will be used for communications and billing purposes only and will not be shared without your express consent. An example of when you might consent is if you’d like an introduction to one of my contacts; in which case, I will get both your and their permission first. I will not share or discuss your manuscript with anyone else without written consent by you. An example of when such permission is beneficial to you would be if I subcontracted a proofreader to ensure a higher degree of accuracy.

File Transfers

No change. Email is still the preferred method for exchanging .doc or .docx files. Sharing Dropbox or Google Drive files is optional, but less ideal.


UPDATE: A deposit of at least 50% of the agreed upon fee is due upfront, before work begins. If the deposit isn’t made prior to the first date I am scheduled to begin work, I will not be able to meet the editing deadline; I will set a new deadline after the deposit is made.

UPDATE: The agreed upon fee is due in full the same day the manuscript is due back to you. I will not release the manuscript until payment is received.


UPDATE: Each pass must be negotiated separately. I will no longer offer a flat rate for up to three passes.

For high-level content edits, the fee is $75 plus 0.0035¢ per word.

For manuscript edits (line & copy edits), the fee is $150 plus 0.005¢ per word.

For proofreading, the fee is $200 plus 0.005¢ per word.

Manuscript Assessment and Sample Edits

UPDATE: I will no longer offer a free sample without a referral. I must have a working relationship with the person referring you to me. If you’d like a sample edit but do not have a referral, the fee is $25 plus 0.01¢ per word for a minimum of 1,000 words and a maximum of 3,000 words.

UPDATE: Unless I have worked with you previously, I will not book manuscript edits without first performing a high-level content pass to assess your manuscript. The fee is $75 plus 0.0035¢ per word. You will receive a 10% discount on manuscript editing services after completing this level of edits.

UPDATE: If you book manuscript edits (copy & line edits) but I find high-level content issues, I will cease work and notify you immediately to renegotiate our terms. Your deposit will go toward high-level content edits instead. After completion of high-level content edits, the remaining balance (if any) will be applied toward manuscript edits.

Booking Query Form

This form in no way locks you in to an editing agreement. It only serves as a means to introduce me to you and your book.

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