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It’s Here!!

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For the Valentine’s Day edition of Canyons, I wanted to do something special. Something to do with love, obviously, but not like anything else I’ve ever experienced.

I was going through some old posts recently and came upon some comments on a flash fiction piece I wrote a while back. An element in that story struck a lot of fancies, so I’d been playing with ideas to incorporate that element in a new story.

Given my obsession with Dante’s ideas of sinners and consequences, I knew that his work would influence my “love story” to at least some degree.

I kept thinking, and thinking, and thinking. Then something else floated to the surface and it all suddenly made sense. That something else was the idea that the seven deadly sins can all be applied to love. Wrathful love, gluttonous love, envious love, etcetera.

I had a word count goal to meet, though. Canyons readers have expectations, and it’s important to meet them. But after writing just three stories and the intermissions surrounding them, it was clear I was going to go way over.

Something else had me blocked after only three stories. My subconscious mind knew something just wasn’t quite right. With some help from a critique partner, I realized exactly what the story needed (and why my subconscious mind had dug in its heels).

And so, Hell Zoo: Valentine’s Day Exhibit came to be.

If you grab a copy and read it, please let me know what you think. It can be a simple line or two saying what you did or didn’t like. It can be a review (much appreciated as it helps other readers decide), or a direct message. It can be a quietly shared Facebook or Twitter post. It can be a comment to this post. Support comes in many forms, and I’m grateful for it all.

Happy Valentines’ Day.

~ Jess

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