Possessed Episode 2: Last Ride Home (Whiskey & Wheelguns: Possessed, #2)Possessed Episode 2: Last Ride Home by Alexander Nader

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Hurry Up With the Next One!

In Episode 2 of this Western Horror series, Alexander Nader draws us along at a quick pace, as is his wont. In this installment, we get a peek at what life was like during the blank hours for Mr. Joseph Ashby. While I had expected a great deal more blood and gore (still looking forward to that, Alex!), the connection was more mental than anything else, Lucifer’s control firmly established and total. We also get a glimpse of one of the other characters in the Whiskey and Wheelguns universe, Devil from Joriah Wood’s Five Lead Slugs. I love the crossover, especially since it didn’t feel contrived. I’m even more nervous/excited/worried/hopeful to see what Ashby finds when he finally makes it home, and will be chewing my nails till I find out.

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