UPDATE: I WON!!! Special thanks to Jeffrey Hollar for hosting, and for choosing my story :), and Rachael Spellman for inspiring this winning piece.

Monday Mixer Week 29 Winners

Every week, over at The Latinum Vault, Jeffrey Hollar (@Klingorengi) hosts a Monday Mixer. This week, I’ve decided to participate in the fun.

The idea is to write a flash fiction story of exactly 150 words. Nine words are provided each week; three things, three verbs and three adjectives. One word from each category must be incorporated into the piece. The prompt word must appear as the part of speech listed. (A verb must be used as a verb, etc.)

For a complete list of the rules, check out his blog.

This week, I chose the thing susurrus, the verb vex, and the adjective maudlin.

The inspiration for this piece comes from a good friend of mine, @Raishimi, and her blog post, Writing Reality: The Power of Persuasion

Without any further ado, I present to you my submission:


A red moon hovers in the eastern sky,

Many men may stop and wonder why.

Pathos, agitated, in a maudlin mood,

Hurries and paces, foretelling of doom.

“Can you not see, either of you, the peril at hand?

Can you not hear the susurrus that vexes the land?”

Logos, staid, content in his wisdom,

Sticks to the facts, opening the schism.

“Dear Pathos, fret not over this night’s scarlet gloom,

Tis but mother nature that plays with the moon.”

Ethos, upon examining the assessment of her brothers,

Defers to her research, consults with their mother.

“With the information I have here at hand,

It would seem the red moon is really quite bland.”

Such arguments as these were heard many and often,

In the home of opinion, fact and thereof a fusion.

For ever abides in the souls of each one of us,

Pathos, Logos, and, thankfully, their sister, Ethos.

Special thanks again to @Raishimi, without whom this piece would never have been born. <3

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