I push my fingers into my eyes…


Opening lines into oblivion,

Criss-crossed onyx and obsidian

Running through internal meridian,

A dark heart doth their passage make.


Wandering and left behind,

Out of sight, out of mind,

Behold what you had sought to find,

A darkness that you cannot take.


And so you left me to recover,

Bleeding, broken, I discover,

That my life is not yet over,

And my soul you cannot break.

 A little poetry prompted by today’s topic at The Daily Post: Opening Lines, wherein bloggers are challenged to use the first line of the last song we listened to as the first line of a blog post. This poem was inspired by the last song I listened to, Duality by Slipknot. The poem itself actually has little to do with the song, this is just where I went from that first line.



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