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For all my Writer Tweeps out there with blogs, @MondayBlogs is a great one to follow.

WHAT YOU DO: Start the week with a shiny new post for your blog, then when you share it to Twitter add #MondayBlogs. The hashtag was established and registered in 2012 by another great Tweep to follow, @RachelintheOC.

WHAT HAPPENS:  @MondayBlogs RTs your tweet, opening up your audience, and possible fan base, exponentially.

While RTs by others are not guaranteed, I’ve gotten more than a few, and I’ve made some good Twitter buddies along the way.

Some of my weekly top picks for #MondayBlogs will include:

@Raishimi, and her WordPress blog celenagaia

@DrewChial, and his WordPress blog Drew Chial

@DoctorMikeReddy, and his WordPress blog Play in Progress

@ganymeder, and her blog Ganymeder

@nzstelter, and her WordPress blog Nillu Nasser Stelter

@UnhingedinTime, and his WordPress blog Unhinged in Time

@wisd_e_ome_less, and his WordPress blog, Amnesia soup

@calliearmstrong, and her WordPress blog, Callie Armstrong

@amicgood, and her blog Amy Good

@JEdwardPaul, and his WordPress blog  J. Edward Paul

@LorenKleinman, and her blog Loren Kleinman

@RachelOtt_, and her WordPress blog Trials in Writing

@Klingorengi, and his blog The Latinum Vault

@Helenscribbles, and her blog Helen scribbles

@FlashFridayFic, and her blog Flash!Friday

@Gethin Jones, and his blog Empires Crumble at

Last but certainly not least, with a special THANK YOU for starting this whole Monday Blog thing in the first place,

✺✺✺ Rachel Thompson herself, @RachelintheOC, and her blog Rachel in the OC – Feel * Think * Share ✺✺✺

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you found some folks and blogs you like. As always, come again anytime!

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Jessica West (West1Jess) is pursuing a state of self-induced psychosis (reading, writing, editing). She lives in Acadiana with three daughters still young enough to think she’s cool and a husband who knows better but likes her anyway.

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