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You know how much I love to talk about myself, but today I want to talk about someone else. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a writer, so you know how that whole process goes. We stress about the writing, and when that part’s done, we stress about the editing. We torture our manuscripts until we bleed tears. When we’re equal parts proud and sick of it all, we’re ready to publish. As ready as we’ll ever be, anyway. And then that magical moment comes when you push a button (or your publisher does), becoming a published author, and the whole ordeal is officially worth it. Then there’s another book – to write, edit, revise, fall in love with and puke over- and the same process, but that’s okay. Your dreams are coming true.
But what happens when, in the midst of trading arcs for reviews, building a social media following, on top of writing the next book and selling the first, you’re diagnosed with a brain tumor?
That actually did happen to Ken Mooney.On May 23, 2014, Ken wrote a blog post about a seizure he had the previous Wednesday that led to CT scans and an MRI. On May 28, he shared the findings, along with heartfelt gratitude to those who’d offered their support in a time when it was sorely needed. This whole process has moved rather quickly, speaking as someone on the outside of it. But for Ken, I’d imagine these last two weeks have been nothing short of a nightmare.Of all the things I worry about with regard to my writing career, serious health issues aren’t what’s keeping me up at night. I’d like to think that if something similar happened to me, I’d be as strong as Ken has been. I recently started following him on Twitter (@kenmooney) on the trusted advice of a mutual friend, Ryan Williamson (@wryson). He’s also on Facebook, if you prefer to visit him there. From what I’ve seen so far, he’s definitely a keeper. He’s kept his sense of humor throughout his ordeal, and, as hard as these last two weeks must have been on him, he continues to show genuine gratitude and strength in the face of adversity. He’s a person I have quickly come to respect. He’s a good guy who’s just had a hard knock. I’m all for making Ken’s day.

So I checked out his book on Amazon, Godhead– the first book in The Last Olympiad Series- and I liked what I saw. I bought a copy for my Kindle, and encourage you do to the same. I’ve only just started reading it, but the descriptions are out of this world. Knowing what I do about the characters and where the story is headed, I get tingles when I think about it. I have a feeling this is one of those books I’ll want a print copy of to proudly display in my collection.

Ken has another book coming out in January 2015 called The Little book of the End of the World, published by The History Press and available for pre-order at Amazon.

From the site: From the Mayans to modern-day survivalists, a tongue-in-cheek look at the best and worst predictions of Armageddon

With this guy’s humor, I bet it’s a winner. To keep up with all of his books on Amazon, bookmark Ken’s Amazon author page. If you’re interested in beta reading The Hades Contract – the second book in The Last Olympiad Series – you can sign up for an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review here.

Being the cool guy that he is, Ken also has a few tasty bites of fiction available for free on his website. Read the prelude to Godhead, The Fall of Bacchus, a flash fiction that celebrates all things horror, and its sequel The Libations. Those two shorts will give you a good idea of his style, and introduce you to the story itself.

Please feel free to share this post however you like. The whole point is to #MakeKensDay. I want that tumor, the surgery, and everything that’s come along with it to be the last thing on Ken’s mind today. The more he sees that hash tag, the better. I mentioned earlier that Ken Mooney was recommended by a friend, Ryan Williamson, and he wants to #MakeKensDay, too. Check out his post, and get his perspective on Ken’s inspiring story.

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