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I’ve recently connected with Julie via Facebook, where she graciously welcomed me into her community of independent authors. I was fortunate enough to have procured a featured spot on her blog, Julie’s Book Review. Thanks a bunch for having me today, Julie!

I’ve done an author interview at my blog with the lovely, exuberant (not to mention talented) Meg Collett, author of The End of Days trilogy. I’ve participated in a cover reveal, promoted plenty of independent authors and their books, and even helped out in a book bomb for Ken Mooney’s Godhead. But I’ve never been a featured author, per se.

If you look closely, however, in just the right light, you’ll find me all over the place. I’ve answered 10 Statements for Karen Oberleander over at My Train of Thoughts On…, and written outrageous and entirely inappropriate writing advice articles over at Prose Before Ho Hos. I recently finished a stint on the judges panel at Flash! Friday. I love this community, and am grateful to be a part of it.

Since April 2013 I’ve written quite a few flash fiction tales of various genres, using the medium to learn about writing, my own voice(s), and find my niche. I’m still working on all of that. I have a feeling it’s a lifelong endeavor, one I’m looking forward to.

My most recent adventure into writing came in the guise of a weird west novelette inspired by the guys behind Whiskey and Wheelguns. I wrote a short story for Prose Before Ho Hos (same guys behind W&W) and was content to leave it at that for a while.

I’d toyed with the idea of bringing back the protagonist in that story, who’d survived a scuffle with a group of vampires only to be hanged for killing them. Naturally, the sheriff of that town had thought she’d killed people, not monsters. They knew nothing of the threat that loomed not far away.

When W&W Ringleader R.A. Williamson suggested I write under the Whiskey and Wheelguns banner, I jumped at the opportunity. Not even exaggerating, I literally dove right back in to the story. Wrote 10k words in a few days, I was that excited.

The short story I wrote works as a prologue to the novelette I’ll be publishing in August. I’ve included that story right here in the post, or you can read it at its original location at Prose Before Ho Hos here: Massacre at Red River Ridge. I definitely recommend you check out their blog, and all the dubious hilarity that ensues when a group of writers get to gabbing.

At the end of this post I’ve also included a brief excerpt from the novelette, Red River Ridge, coming August 29, 2014.

Connect with me at Twitter @West1Jess, or via e-mail at jpwest6 at gmail dot com. Feel free to drop me a line anytime, I don’t bite. Much. 😉

Read more of my work for free at my blog, Write This Way.

Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you enjoy the story.



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