Dear Friends and Readers,

The guys over at ProseBeforeHoHos opened the door to their man cave and welcomed me inside for a brief palaver. I went in with every intention of writing an innocent (if somewhat saucy) book review, but came out with an epic ‘stache. And that’s not even the best part.

Thanks to a few tricks I learned from Christopher Smith (a.k.a Richard Junk), and the example set by John Weeast and J. Edward Paul, I did my best impersonation of Scott Zachary (a.k.a Ryan Williamson) and wrote an article on the Manly Art of Writing, specifically the Grow A Pair Edition. Be sure to check out John’s Single Edition and Jon’s Married Edition, too!

Fair warning, it’s not for the tender hearted. In my defense, I’m only 20% responsible. It wasn’t even my idea, they started it. I’m not in trouble, am I? 😉

Anyway… As you can probably tell, I’m terribly excited. I got a kick out of writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it as well. Thanks for stopping by!

Best Wishes,



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