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It’s a party and you’re invited!

Welcome to the release day (birthday) party for Zero Echo Shadow Prime! ZESP is a debut sci-fi thriller by Peter Samet that presents a vision of our future that is both wildly imaginative and chillingly persuasive.

18-year-old Charlie Nobunaga creates the world’s first sentient A.I. and becomes an overnight sensation. But amid the red carpet galas and TV interviews, Charlie is diagnosed with cancer, and her promising future grinds to a halt.

Enter Jude Adler, a tech mogul with dreams of changing history. She presents Charlie with an opportunity that’s at once insane and irresistible: a second chance at life inside a new robotic body. But as Charlie soon discovers, Jude’s motivations are far from pure.

Charlie’s brain is scanned, and four distinct copies of her emerge.

Before I give you my review, see for yourself. The author has graciously provided us all with an excerpt of the book right there on his website, for free!

Open me to read the Excerpt!
Open me to read the Excerpt!

And you know how truly awesome this guy is? He’s even offering Advanced Reader Copies until the date of Release! How cool is that? The party is on, with free party favors in the form of Advance Reader Copies until April 3, 2014, RELEASE DAY!! If you want to ask Peter about advanced reader copies, you can do so here. I highly recommend you follow him on Twitter, too @petersamet.

Curious about Peter Samet?

An unabashed geek, Peter is always searching for intelligence, whether it be artificial, extraterrestrial, or his own. He earned his storytelling chops at USC Film School, learned from the best at Pixar Animation Studios, and edited numerous indie films.

ZERO ECHO SHADOW PRIME is his first novel.

Need another reason to check it out? Read this excellent review by Elizabeth Darkley.

As for me? I’m going to read it again. The first time through simply wasn’t enough, and not because my brain was lagging. Peter Samet does such a great job of making all these complex concepts clear that the plot, though elaborate, is easy to follow. Thoroughly fleshed out, Charlie Nobunaga, and every copy of her, comes to life right from the start. I like to delve into the minds of characters in books (who doesn’t?), and though that may seem a daunting task in ZESP at first glance, it quickly becomes a passionate endeavor to know the resilient mind of this inspiring young woman. Each new personality is introduced in a way that helps you better understand the original character (the Archetype), and each one of her copies, instead of adding confusion, as you might think it would. I can’t imagine the level of talent Peter Samet must possess to have pulled this off. I am impressed, and quite intimidated.

The threads of ZESP are woven of many vibrant, warm hues that compliment one another, even as each stands out. These threads bond and merge together to form an impenetrable force that will remain with you long after you’ve put the book down.

Happy Release Day, Zero Echo Shadow Prime, and endless gratitude to Peter Samet for seeing it through!

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