Friday is one day of the week pretty much everyone looks forward to, but for some writers, it’s a huge deal.


For the second year running, Rebekah Postupak’s Flash! Friday is a fun, weekly writing contest that challenges you to bring your A-game with only 150 words. Each week Flash! Friday offers a photo prompt, and an element to include in your story. The community of writers who participate in this weekly contest is astounding. There are anywhere from 30-50 entries each week, some weeks seeing even more.This week’s instructions are to include a baby in your story, and use the following prompt:

Click the image to see the post at Flash! Friday.

Friday Phrases

Another great challenge that really helps writers understand the importance of powerful words and phrases is Friday Phrases. And we have Amy Good to thank for that one. If you thought 150 words was hard, try 140 characters. It may seem impossible, but it’s totally worth the effort. And those one-line, elevator pitches? Well, #FP is a great way to practice for them. Friday Phrases even has a website where you can find out what kind of tweets are encouraged, and which ones will get you put in time out. 😉 They have plenty of examples and a live Twitter feed right there on the website. Friday Phrases also offers a weekly theme to kick-start the writing motor. This week’s theme is Swept Away.

Click the image to check out the website for more information.
Click the image to check out the website for more information.

The Daily Wordforge

My latest obsession is The Daily Wordforge, brought to you by Matt Davis. Monday – Friday, Matt offers up a song and theme for you to write to. No word limit, just write. Oh, and do it in ten minutes. The great thing about this challenge is that it teaches you to put aside everything but the story. You don’t have time to fix the spelling or obsess over grammar, just get the story down. If you get caught up in the story (who doesn’t love when that happens?), he’s totally cool with you going a bit over the ten minute mark. This guy is in it for the love of the story, for the writing. Also, he rocks. Seriously. This week’s song is Nightwish (how cool is that?!) Over the Hills and Far Away, and the theme is Call to Adventure.


And last but not least, in the next few weeks leading up to Halloween, I’ll be hosting a writing challenge over at Prose Before Ho Hos. The idea of 10 Weeks of Horror came from our very own @Reckoner67, also known as Joriah Wood and Richard Junk. Some writers are participating and sharing their stories, others are keeping their dark secrets to themselves until they are ready to unleash their horrific creations upon the world. Either way, it’s fun for everyone. I’ve compiled a list of prompts for each week, but feel free to do your own thing. Submit your story by Friday night to have it included in the following Monday’s post. This week’s prompt is 9 Sirens Singing, but feel free to reach beyond the first few ideas that pop into your head, and go for something truly spectacular, even if it has little to do with the prompt.


If you find your Friday dragging by, use these prompts to get lost in a story and help speed your day along. Have fun, and have a great weekend!


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