Authors are super villains, and the stories we write are these great cities in need of saving from the evil villain mastermind. But every villain needs a superhero. Jessica West is the Superman or Captain America of superheros. You know, the kind whose goodness is never questioned and whose teeth are painful to look at because they’re so blindingly white. If your story is a crying baby in a burning building, don’t fear. Jess is here. She’ll save it.

Meg Collett

My experience with Jessica West as editor has been over-the-top fantastic. I had worked with other editors before with varying degrees of success, and was to the point of despair at finding someone I enjoyed working with. Jessica took the time to get familiar with my writing and left my voice alone, while fine tuning it with high quality edits. She never once complained about my greatest grammar flaw, commas, or that my book was massive. She encouraged me all along the process, and when she sent back my edits, she took the time to answer questions I had about some of the things she had found. All in all, she brought professional courtesy to the editing field, something I had begun to believe was not possible, and proved that editors do not have to be snarky. I have and will choose Jessica as my editor again. Thanks, Jessica, for the wonderful experience!”

~ E.S. Tilton

Jessica West’s editorial services helped me improve my book. She caught flaws minor and major and suggested changes when needed. Her responses were prompt, courteous, and professional. She brought the same level of interest and energy to my work as I had invested in it (a LOT). She “got me” and understood my style. Our writer-editor relationship felt comfortable, cohesive, and extremely productive. I highly recommend Jessica West as an editor.

~ Sonya Craig

Jess has edited quite a few short stories for me, and I learn something with every review pass. Not only is the proofing always accurate and welcome, but she has a grasp of the mechanics of writing that makes it easy to polish the story so that it flows well without losing my voice. Additionally, I’ve never had to adjust my own deadline to wait for her–she’s fast. It’s not coincidence that her work has helped me sell a few of my stories.

~ Christopher Smith

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Scarlet Darkwood Author

Jessica is every professional author’s dream. If one is truly serious about putting their best book forward no matter what, selecting an editor who will point out inconsistencies, plot holes and suggest which chapters to cut is part of the bargain. She’s a true task-master in the most supportive way. Jessica doesn’t gloss over your work, but takes time and dissects your story down to the finest detail, creating a list of structural edits and suggestions, which can include simple tweaks to cutting whole chapters (and not just one). She notes where the story falls apart, which scenes don’t work, and where the characters’ emotions should be addressed in more detail. Each suggestion is presented in a professional manner, and never intended to insult or diminish your work. Throughout the story, she’s always mindful, and works to help the author convey what they wish the reader to know. Jessica is not for the faint-at-heart author or for one who simply wants continual praise. Her edits are accurate, thus boosting the integrity of the work if the suggestions are followed. A good writer will be willing to have an editor who holds them accountable. Jessica is that editor. (the editing blog)

I have worked with many different editors on short stories as well as novels and I can say that Jessica is among the best. She is the editor of choice for Hair Brained Press.

Alex Nader
Publisher, Hair Brained Press

I didn’t know Jess initially as an editor; I didn’t even know her as a writer. Jess is someone with a similar sense of humour to me, with a similar aesthetic and similar interests. Our first professional interactions were for the Faces Of The Crying Girl anthology, my first project after a long period away from all things creative. Jess’s editing was a breath of fresh air, helped me to get to the root of a dark story and keep it dark. The experience was so good that I asked Jess to re-edit my first novel and act as an editor on my second. Jess also edited a personal non-fiction project.

Jess is a talented editor, for both story and line-edits and while I’m confident with my own story-telling, Jess is always ready, willing and able to add some advice and help to the story. Jess has also turned her hand to different types of editing, from a subtle line-edit to a full story edit, and always very respectful of my tone and voice (in both American and Irish English.)

I’ve had different editing experiences over my time as a writer, but Jess continues to deliver the most consistent and entertaining experience, regardless of the project.

Ken Mooney