Kicking off a brand new year with Flash!Friday.

The challenge: Write a 150 word (give or take 10 words) flash fiction using the prompt, and incorporating a mysterious element chosen each week.

This week’s prompt:

A Man's Pride

This week’s element: Laughter

My entry:

A Man’s Pride
150 words

Laughter was hard to come by those days. No time for giggles, not even for a little boy. We washed our clothes, our dishes, and the deck. We fished. We fished to survive, and to live.

After Ma died, and Pa lost his work, all we had left was the boat. And each other. After that picture was taken at the dock, Pa rolled us each a smoke. My tenth birthday, I believe it was.

I got my own boat that day, a pirogue. I felt more than happiness when I realized what having my own boat meant. From then on, I would feed myself. I’d become a man, and men didn’t giggle, much as they may want to.

I always thought I was ahead. Too young to be a man, but ready anyway. Now I know why Pa did as he had. He knew he didn’t have long left.


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Jessica West (West1Jess) is pursuing a state of self-induced psychosis (reading, writing, editing). She lives in Acadiana with three daughters still young enough to think she’s cool and a husband who knows better but likes her anyway.

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