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Flash! Friday-Vol2 - 37 Photo Prompt Dragon's Bidding: Arrogance
Flash! Friday-Vol2 – 37 Photo Prompt
Dragon’s Bidding: Arrogance

Come Along, Now

Though Peter had finally grown up – against his better judgement – his shadow had remained childish, running away from him at the most inopportune moments. He’d run miles along the sandy beach until the sea was but a thin, aqua line in the distance.
Finally, he caught up to his shadow. Upon reaching the damnable thing, however, and reattaching it to his feet, his shadow collapsed onto the sand; an impetuous shade throwing a temper tantrum.
Arrogant, obstinate little bugger. “If you don’t follow along right this instant, I’m going to leave you behind, once and for all.”
Peter pulled and jumped, skipped and hopped, all to no avail. The sullen shadow simply would not cooperate.
Frustrated and exhausted, Peter sat down in a huff. Taking deep breaths, he tried for patience and spoke in a cajoling tone.
“If you follow now, I’ll take you swimming among the coral reefs.”


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  • jbertetta

    Peter had finally grown up…but his shadow remained childish…What a wonderful line! 🙂

  • Dorothea

    Your blog has the same post as another author but i like your better.~:

    • Jess West

      Thanks, Dorothea. This post was a response to a writing prompt linked at the top, so undoubtedly there are several similarly titled posts. 🙂


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