A Coin, a Ball, and a 20-sided Dice

A Coin, a Ball, and a 20-sided DiceEvery coin has two sides. One side is the side you show everyone. On the other side: secrets you’ll never freely admit to, some of which you won’t even acknowledge to yourself.On the public facing side, ridges and curves make up that image people perceive when they see […]

Why I Write (A Blog Hop)

I am delighted, honored, and just plum tickled to have been nominated for the Why I Write blog hop by two writers I respect and admire. Drew Chial‘s prose is poetic, his stamina with each blog post and story impressive. Not only does he write, but he Photoshops his own stock photos. You can find […]

What am I doing when I'm supposed to be writing?

I get a little writing done here and there, but I’m inconsistent at best. Sometimes a flash of inspiration will lead to an hours-long obsessive sprint resulting in thousands of words. It’s rare, but it happens. Every day, though, I sit at my computer as often as I can (around housework and kids and such) […]

Get Ready to Write!

Friday is one day of the week pretty much everyone looks forward to, but for some writers, it’s a huge deal. Flash!Friday For the second year running, Rebekah Postupak’s Flash! Friday is a fun, weekly writing contest that challenges you to bring your A-game with only 150 words. Each week Flash! Friday offers a photo […]

The Envelope, Please …

And the winners are: Cody Z. – Signed copy of Peter Samet’s Zero Echo Shadow Prime Michael W. – Red River Rangers Novelette (e-book) Brian L. – $10 Amazon Gift Card Congratulations, gentlemen! Check your e-mail addresses for your prizes (Cody, I’ll need to know where to ship your book! :D), which should arrive in […]

#10WeeksOfHorror; A Writing Challenge

As murderous, painted monsters crept forth from the shadows -laughing maniacally and bent on the destruction of the world of the living- a few brave souls stepped forward to save us all. Celebrate our #HeroesOfHorror; Gethin Jones (aka @gethinmorgan), Rachael Ortego (aka @rmo5001), and Silver Surfer (aka @KarinaLawrence). Their valiant efforts have saved mankind, for […]

Flash! Friday-Vol 2 – 37 (Flash Fiction Contest)

 My entry for this week’s Flash! Friday contest, hosted by the lovely Dragoness @Postupak. Follow @FlashFridayFic for weekly reminders to join in the fun! Come Along, Now Though Peter had finally grown up – against his better judgement – his shadow had remained childish, running away from him at the most inopportune moments. He’d run […]