A Coin, a Ball, and a 20-sided Dice

A Coin, a Ball, and a 20-sided DiceEvery coin has two sides. One side is the side you show everyone. On the other side: secrets you’ll never freely admit to, some of which you won’t even acknowledge to yourself.On the public facing side, ridges and curves make up that image people perceive when they see […]


The fog is easy enough to navigate. One foot in front of the other, You only need to see the step just ahead of you. But even the strongest will Will only get you so far without an anchor.   And that’s just the fog.   When the gray dissipates, When the world returns, It […]

Opening Lines (Poetry)

I push my fingers into my eyes…   Opening lines into oblivion, Criss-crossed onyx and obsidian Running through internal meridian, A dark heart doth their passage make.   Wandering and left behind, Out of sight, out of mind, Behold what you had sought to find, A darkness that you cannot take.   And so you […]