Something Wicked This Way Comes

Once upon a time, there was this creepy kid named Macey. I know it sounds like I’m being mean, but seriously, if you took one look at this kid, you’d have agreed. I mean, it wasn’t some obvious disfigurement. I’m not a total douche-canoe. It was something deeper, seen only in her eyes. Something wasn’t […]

Escaping the Wait

Cheers to fellow flash fictioneer, Nillu Nasser Stelter, and to her latest post–a most welcome reminder of good times–Rekindling the Flash Flame: A Bite-Sized Story. “The teenager walked in and sat down while her mom signed her in at the window.” “Abby… Not everyone likes to have their lives narrated.” The little girl mumbled an […]

Good Choice

I see you looking at my boots. It’s okay, I get it. I look trashy with the wedge heels and the faux fur. But take a moment and look again. With all the decisions I make, I don’t often get it right. Buying these boots was a truly good choice. Sometimes we get to decide […]


She came to me in a dream, commanding me to open my eyes and see beyond the scene.   The first day of Autumn had cooled the air just enough to make standing outside pleasant. Birds sang among golden leaves shimmering in a soft breeze. Nature cared little for the plight of man. Officer Blake […]

Come with Your Sins, Leave Your Fears

And now, for this week’s installment of #10WeeksOfHorror, something a little different.   A CD of hymns played softly, but loud enough to penetrate the confessional door. Sister Margaret was pressing her luck, though, having reduced the man on the other side of the screen to panting, near panic. If anyone had entered the church […]