You have a way with words, both spoken and written, and a talent for putting things as they should be. You have an uncanny ability to precisely differentiate characteristics that most people wouldn’t even notice. A practical person, your only possible downfall could be your often critical point of view.

One of the biggest challenges in life is finding a way to accurately communicate what you are thinking. You have found the balance. A previous achievement has led you to believe that retaining a rigorous balance universally will ensure success in everything you do. Holding tightly to the theme of balance in all things, your emotions and relationships included, may seem like a good idea now, but try not to place too many rules and restrictions on yourself. Disastrous events don’t often start out as chaos. Don’t over think it.

You aim to put your creative skills to work for your benefit. There would be nothing better than getting paid to do what you love, and happen to be good at. With so many creative projects completed, you feel driven to take the next step toward your goal. Take some time to break out of the box and enjoy your surroundings. Splurge on a fancy dinner.

Despite the best laid plans, influences outside your sphere of control will affect you. A creative force (or person) will be hanging around. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Watch out for your own inner critic, though. He/she can use a perfectly normal fear of rejection to stifle your enthusiasm. It would be tragic to miss your chance without even trying.

You’re headed in a new direction, perhaps even planning a move. If relocating isn’t something you are interested in, you may want to rethink your plan.


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Jessica West (West1Jess) is pursuing a state of self-induced psychosis (reading, writing, editing). She lives in Acadiana with three daughters still young enough to think she’s cool and a husband who knows better but likes her anyway.

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