easterMy Life Drawing: A picture worth a lifetime of love. Thanks to DoctorMikeReddy for this idea. The unedited version can be found at Six Minute Story. ( )

“You toddled around your aunt’s big back yard in your pastel dress with the white ruffles. When you found an egg, you carried it so carefully. When you found another, you picked it up gently and gathered it close.” At this point he would cup his hands and hold them close to him, as though he were holding his own babies. “You held each egg cupped in a tiny palm, stretched your arms out to each side, then smashed them together.” My grandfather would chuckle as he looked at the picture of me hunting Easter eggs on Aunt Lois’ farm.

He loved to tell that story, and I loved to see the adoration for me that shined in his eyes as he told it. I sure do miss him.






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