My rates aren’t changing, I’m simply opening up options as to how your fee is calculated to ensure the fee we agree on is the best one for both of us.

Note: Any market copy pertaining to the manuscript I’ve edited is also covered under your fee. In other words, I’ll edit your blurb for free.

01¢ per word

• Best for novels that are less than 75,000 words long and require only one round of edits.

• The initial fee includes one round of edits and a review pass of your work.

• An additional fee will be calculated for each additional round of editing beyond the review pass.

$35 per hour

• Best for “light” editing needs.

• I use Word to track changes so you can see how many revisions I’ve made.

• I use Toggl to track my time.

$750 Flat Rate

• Best for novels containing more than 75,000 words and require extensive editing.

• This fee includes up to three rounds of editing and two review passes.

Note: To guarantee a spot on my calendar, a 20% booking fee is due immediately. Paid work is prioritized in my queue. It’s only fair.


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